Christopher Woodhouse

Professor Christopher Woodhouse is Professor of Adolescent urology. He undertakes the follow-up and surgical management of patients from 16years old onwards who have had the major urological problems of childhood. This includes exstrophy, posterior urethral valves, spina bifida, ectopic ureters, vesico-ureteric reflux, pelvic cancer, undescended testes, bladder dysfunction, mega-ureters etc.

With Miss Creighton, consultant gynaecologist, he undertakes reconstruction of patients with disorders of sexual differentiation (intersex) including absence of the vagina. He has been honoured with the St Peter’s Medal (British Association of Urological Surgeons), 2007 and the BJU-International Gold Medal of the Urological Society of India, 2008.

Specialty : Adolescent urology
Research : The clinical and laboratory aspects of:

• Urinary undiversion.
• Continent urinary diversion.
• Reconstruction of the deformed penis.
• Reconstruction of the female genitalia in exstrophy.
• Sexual and reproductive function.
• Renal deterioration after ablation of posterior urethral valves.
• Renal transplantation into abnormal lower urinary tracts.
• Quality of life after reconstruction.
• Development of sexuality in intersex conditions.
• Metabolic consequences of enterocystoplasty.
• High intensity focussed ultra sound in bladder and prostatic cancer.
• The biochemistry of stone formation after reconstruction.

This work has been funded from his NHS salary and from grants from:

• Lipha & Co and Luitpold-Werk, Munich Ltd.
• Sandoz UK Ltd.
• The Incontinence Research Trust.
• The Rob Headlam Fund.
• Stiftung der Philipps Universitat, Marberg, Germany.
• The Birth Defects Trust.
• Incontinence Trust.
• The St Peter’s Trust.
• The Fischer Family Trust.
Qualifications : MB, FRCS, FEBU
NHS hospital : The Royal Marsden Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College London Hospitals
Sun, 18th Nov, 2018